Continuing with my Server.

Well, turns out its not going to be as simple as I was hoping it would be. Now I need to learn AJAX techniques in order to do what I want to do. Aside from this I need to do something for my school because I was a dumbass for the first 3 years and I’m paying for the consequences now. I can pull that off in a day. Maybe I should start tonight.  That’s a thought. I also have to talk to a couple of people to see what I can I do about my other idea. I need to have a way to be able to pay a lot of the stuff I have in mind so I might have to get a job during the school year in addition to the jobs I’ll have in school, in addition to the very hard work I’ll have to be doing for my classes which are much harder than they’ve ever been, in addition to continuing my work with my projects. This is the sacrifice I have to make right now. It’s the sacrifice I need to make to lead the life I want to lead in the future. I understand this. A car would make my life a little harder really thinking about it. I should really worry about getting a job maybe in the city to get accustomed to travelling there. I need to keep track of my market as well, and I should really help my family out with their endeavors. What does this mean for me. That now more than ever I have to bold, unafraid, hard working, focused, organized, responsible, and aware. Oh and of course smart and willing to evolve mentally, and increase my ability to read people and be able to delegate work. I have to learn to be critical and trust myself.  I have to believe that I can do it because I can. It’s so simple. It’s like how I dealt with Amen.

I also have to realize how much information I have to review as a result of my dumbshit ignorance and emoness in college and high school. I have to review concepts of mathematics for my major, I have to review concepts in computer science my major and projects, Both extensively for my future including possible work and/or projects that involve both and logic and language for my ability to interact and argue in the real world.

I also feel alone. I’m without a people to feel at home. I hope to find that soon. But I must do this before I try to solve that. I know this. I know this for sure. I know I’d like to be involved with, LA Sephy community. I will go there as soon as I can!

Anyway, I have to get back to working. I think I need to learn how to implement AJAX techniques into my website. Can’t be that bad. I’m a computer science major, I should be doing this now. Actually I should have been doing this for a while, but lets not dwell. Before I go into the work place I should really understand how to get all these to technologies to interact with each other at the most basic level. Gah, SO TO THE POINT!

I was trying to work with mysqli ( mysql improved) as opposed to the mysql class because I figured it was improved, right? Well, for some reason it would connect to the MySQL Server but it wouldn’t allow me to do anything once connected. I couldn’t select databases or make queries if I specified a default database. I went for 2 days rather lazy days without scrapping the mysqli. Whatever. I know now, I should probably go on a forum about it. Well, upward and onward!

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