Business oriented React-Native

So I’m on a quest to validate and/or test certain products that I create very quickly, out in the wild. I’m taking a new approach to startup take off. I think I have the scaling part down. I know how to grow a team, focus on metrics for growth at different phases and organizing/prioritizing work to accommodate and transition to the next phase. What I haven’t gotten down is sellingĀ  an initial service offering before growth comes in. I don’t know how to get the initial product off the ground. Understanding this gap in my knowledge has taken me to a crash course in product conceptualization, definition, execution, and purchase ability. With this in mind, I need to be able roll out fairly simple products out quickly. With that in mind I’ve started learning React from this Sunday, August 19, 2018. I want to see how long it takes me to roll something out that I can sell.


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Things I need to do.

Well, this year I’m being ambitious. But what must come first… I must create a production/development environment system, with appropriate deployment pipeline. For this I will need a set of skills, of which I’m quite comfortable learning, mostly systems administration and orchestration. I want to include instrumentation in there, to have up to date health checks on all things. I want to have a filter to pick up new technology news for relevant info. I’ll have a twitter list and google filter and read daily headlines. šŸ˜›

This is TOTALLY mine. I can do whatever I want. And NO ONE… absolutely no one needs to know what my back end looks like. :]

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I need to create a schedule and constantly re-assess the effectiveness and reality of the schedule that I follow. I need to be able to know me more than anything else. This way my schedule reflects my true output and the reality of what I’m doing. Ā Must include your down time.

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I want to practice my scientific/technical writing. It has always been my dream to contribute to judaism, ecuadorianism, my local government, make money on something technical, and contribute to the field of mathematics. These all require highly descriptive efficient direct rigorous writing styles that I have very little experience with. I need to take a technical writing course so that I may aspire to write my papers following the standards out there.

I also have the aspirations of a musicianĀ andĀ writing, among the group of the arts that I want to partake in, including painting and sculptingĀ . Musician and writer require other types of writing which I truly do want to explore.

Anyway, this is a reminder. Writing is my greatest tool and the only way to use it well, is to practice it. šŸ™‚

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Fun Dating vs. Wife Dating.

I think the biggest appeal of dating younger woman is that they don’t have all the emotional baggage after being in a heavy and/or serious relationship. Of course not all women. Some may have had something affect them at a younger age, while others aren’t affected until much later. But with the majority of younger women [19-21], I feel like the fun is more genuine, because of that hint of naivety. There is no fear of being hurt. I imagine the same is true for men.

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Repeating my Mantra. And making things happen.

I was forgetting. Going back to old habits. But I’m in control again. :]

I need to pay mortgage. I need to pay Best Buy. I need to drop my laptop off.

I can’t make things happen with Z so forget about it. I can only go out and enjoy myself don’t even worry about it. The magic is gone anyway, thank the lord. It was the worst voodoo of my life.

I need to acknowledge the role she played in my life, though. She showed me what it’s like to be with someone lively and girly and flirty and fun. Ā It’s tough. A lot of attention is required. Attention I cannot spare. At least not right now. I still want to be with girls like that tho. I feel like there is a sort of status that comes from that. Actually, I know there is.

I need to stop being so fucking self conscious about performance. That’s Type A garbage right there. I’m already comfortable with who I am. And I need to learn to guide my girl to give me what I want, by knowing where she is and leading here there. Powerful stuff right there.Ā Best line “The true skill set is being able to keep your own desire and intent strong, while at the same time recognizing, listening to, and gathering information about the women you wish to attract.”

Also, she gave me a drive I haven’t had ever. This project basically started so I can prove something to myself, because of her. She was that invaluable spark.

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This phrase for the next 6 months

I tried to settle among the regular but I just couldn’t… and I’m done waiting.

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