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Alrighty, So I want to document the process of me setting up my first developer server. I ran into a couple of problems while doing this. I got my solutions by either looking them up in forums, official documentation, tutorials or just figuring ways around it.

Let me start by saying I knew I wanted to install a server. I wanted to do this about 3years ago but for some reason I thought it was above my level. Then I started again a month or two ago and I gave up like I said in my previous post. And now I’m doing it because I have a purpose. When I started this process most recently I read that the most most popular way of making dynamic sites, was to make it using Apache, MySQL, and PHP. I deduced why and realized it was important for sets of atomic information. Finally, 3 weeks ago I realized I would need this information for my idea and for one reason or another I’ve delayed until now.  So the setting is presented.

Noting that I needed each thing, I naively began installing the different programs two months ago. Recently, as in yesterday, I realized that I didn’t know how each of these things were going to communicate with each other and from a random file cabinet in my mind I remembered that there was a process to getting these things to talk. I figured that MySQL would need to talk to Apache so building that connection/communication bridge would have been it. I didn’t figure that PHP had a special place in Apache, too. In hindsite it does of course. (I naively thought that Apache would just understand PHP because it’s on the same computer. Now I realize a server is completely self contained service and anything that has to be presented on the internet has to ‘connected’/running with this service.)

So anyway, this is what I used and did.

To install Apache I used:

It’s really good because it’s precisely what I wanted a quick easy install. It has pictures and is pretty descriptive. I liked it.

I didn’t really run into trouble with this. Of course I explained my immediate disappointment in the last post (after I altered httpd.conf to point to another folder for the website files, i guess I forgot to restart Apache because all I kept getting was the “It works!” page and felt so disappointed that I didn’t try developing using the /htdocs”. Anyway, RESTART!

That was last month. Today in my quest to really start this thing, thinking my apache wasn’t working right, began looking for just getting mysql and php to work with a website, anywebsite, because, I forgot to mention, I’m taking a class in databases(which is ridiculous because we never really work with any databases) I wanted to use what I know for my idea.  In that quest I found this guy:


There’s a lot more on this site so I can’t wait to continue reading, but it’s really had invaluable information.

While reading through that I getting near the end, I realized that it said that I would see mysqld.exe as a background process but I didn’t so I got a little scared. I looked up MySQL server not running on google and clicked on the first link to the official mysql documentation until I got to “Starting MySQL as a Windows Service”:

There I followed the instructions I got an error when trying to install. It was “Install/Remove of Service Denied”. I googled it and quickly found this forum.

I didn’t know how to change my User Account Control so I looked it up and found this nifty tutorial.

I subsequently tried to install mysqld.exe again as suggested by the SQL documentation and it went off without a hitch. Now, looking back, I really don’t know if I started the Service or if Running through the Instance Configuration Wizard for MySQL did it. If it didn’t I did(it still not in processes) and if it did, I didn’t break anything. Both are causes for celebration.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I need to learn to cut this shorter, I’ve been typing between 40-50 minutes!





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