What I need to spend my time on.

As time passes I see that I need to focus my attention and efforts precisely to the set of needs I have for the requirements of accomplishing my goals. I’ve concluded that the first step of my goals are all within the realm of commercial software, therefore software engineering. I will not focus on getting another job, that’s a distraction. My focus will be in having some product that I can market, no need to worry about producing or distributing since those are trivial for this case.

I need to have a clear understanding of the software engineering lifecycle and how to manage it efficiently. As the first phase of my goals is almost entirely software based I have to have a supremely solid organizational understanding of the software development process. I will be leading the first group of programmers I have, and I will be teaching the management group that follows after me. I must keep updates on how people work, their strengths and weaknesses and I must know how to use it for the fulfillment of my goals. Sustainability is my main objective, adaptability second, and growth third.

I also need to have a deep all encompassing understanding about the business environment I will be immersing myself and others in. Structure, Law, and Finance. I need to know all the resources and intelligence I will need, and figure out how to gather it. No pipe dreams about who’s going to be in the company. I’ll get who fits the part I need, no lolligagging anymore.

I can’t help but include my emotions and frustration in this post because these are things that I’ve known for awhile, but for some reason or another I’ve allowed myself to get distracted. No more.

Perpetual cleanliness.
Perpetual organization.
Perpetual focus.
perpetual effort.
perpetual hunger.

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