King Saul

I was reading about the ancient kingdom of Israel through the islamic perspective yesterday. I’m going to read the torah version of the same stories because I felt like there a lot of negative connotation towards the relationship between jews and God. I mean there is the same chutzpah by the jews towards God in the torah, but it seemed a little more pronounced from the source I was reading ( It just struck me as typical, and I’d like to not feel that way when it comes to a religion of neighbors.

So when I was reading through this text they talked about how king Saul chose from the 80,000 volunteers only 300 soldiers. It was brilliant, he put temptation in front of them and whoever could resist the stages of temptation, would stay and fight. First, spiritual, then physical, then the temptation to give in the face of failure. Only 300 remained. That is an incredible message, and effective group strategy. I’d tie this to the experiment with the children who are told not to eat the eminem’s until the teacher comes back in the bonobo documentary. The message is resist ALL temptation that interfere with your goal. God is there to pull you through. I’m going to take this message to heart. Thanks King Saul for showing me the way. Now to work.

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