I think I may need a new blog soon.

I’m going to start throwing myself out there and looking towards criticism to make myself a better person overall.

I’ve never taken criticism well. I’ve always been sensitive to receiving it and defiant in listening to it, so I never really developed a tolerance for the emotional tax it takes on you, which seems minimal when you’ve thickened your skin, so to speak, by receiving it. And it seems, in order to avoid this tax, I’ve worked on or experienced the things that I enjoy doing, behind closed doors without having needed to. This has made me less expressive and solitary, in an odd way. I have a ton of friends and I’m really social, but no one really knows what I like… at all. I’m too in myself to let anyone in and I’m ready to make a change. I’m ready to let people in. I’m ready to feel real criticism and to take it in, process it, and if I feel it is criticism worth listening to, I will make a change, otherwise I will thicken my skin and plow through.

2014 is my year. I’m not going 20 marlons… I want 1 giant trout.

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