I don’t know when it happened.

I really don’t know when it happened, but I feel like I finally started learning how not to give a fuck about the things that aren’t important. There are four things that I know really inspired this.

First and foremost, having a job! Really knowing that my knowledge is useful and that I can make the right decisions has really helped me a lot. This is something I never felt at home, being trusted with a decision. This gives me power and power gives me freedom.

Second, understanding that my decisions are ultimately mine, and that I can really decide what I want for myself. A little different but very related to the first reason. Basically, others trusting me really helped, and allowed me to trust myself. Seeing examples of this really helped (i.e. Victor and Jil)

Third, since I’ve been reading about entrepreneurs I’ve realized that I cannot be shy, lazy, or doubtful about my ideas or they WILL fail. Doubt and Laziness have been my worst enemies and overcoming them little by little has definitely helped me not give a fuck.

And finally, realizing that the reasons for my decisions are good enough to outway the downsides of that decision helped me not give a fuck about the negative. I refer to JennaMarbles and SimplePickup. When things start not working out with the opposite sex, forget about it. Spend time looking for someone who will appreciate you! That’s why you make the hard decisions, because you’re looking for someone who’s compatible with you, and by dwelling over some girl you thought was hot or cool, you’re losing the chance to find someone who IS actually perfect for you. This is an analogy of course to all possible decisions. You have to be yourself and know what you want at all times and everything else can go to fuck itself!

Last tidbit. Worked on my android app. Getting somewhere. Awesome! 🙂

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