Science, Technology and Me.

Technology is changing… FAST! It’s not because of some singular new hardware improvement either… It’s more of the practices, focus and the access to complex tools built upon more complex tools. It is more free but also more competitive than ever, so if I want to make a name for myself in this field I must have a clear vision and persevere. Pick up the slack when others let go and inspire everyone to have the same goals as I do for the given plan. 

I must have detailed plans, on paper, ready to share with anyone who may want to be involved. This is what I’m lacking. I also have the severe and serious disconnect with technology. I have to be honest… I always have. I’ve never really built my own application that wasn’t text based and even then I haven’t gone too far. The most programming I have ever done has been for this company I’m working for right now.

The same is true with math. I’ve never really been really into math until the last 3 years of my life. The learning curve for both these fields is steep, but my approach to both of these is making it steeper for me. This is something I’ve always felt and my writing shows this, but I’ve never written it, or thought about it as clearly as I am now. So what does this mean about me.

It means that I have to change my approach to these fields and change my behavior towards being in this field. Pride has been crippling my learning experience, and laziness has allowed it to get worse. So where do I stand. I must take steps to clearly state and know what I want all the time. I must also make clear steps in finding the resources to get what I want. And I must take the plunge to make my desires a reality. 

Going back to the main topic, I’ve been disconnected and have achieved very little with technology because of pride and laziness. It is this same pride that prevents me from using a new technology. I’ve wanted to learn so many things that I haven’t gotten around to not because I don’t have time but because I’m too proud to see myself fail at them. But that’s the nature of science… Failure, and I have to remember that.

With that in mind. Every day I will use a new piece of technology, if it fails by the end of the day. Whatever I’ll try it again some other time. I will keep tabs on it keep trying and trying till I get it done. I will try to incorporate this strategy in other things as well. Life is too short to have fears, pride, and laziness keep you from achieving what you actually want. 

So technology… here I come. I’m coming for silicon blood and I’m coming for it with an insatiable thirst.

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