Working with others

So I realize now what I’ve been missing out on. Working with others really does give you a better perspective on the subject you’re working in. I mean this is obvious, but I really wish to instill in my child the importance of maintaining open discourse with people that have a relevant and useful opinion on the subject that he/she is focused on. It reminds me of one of the rules in “The richest man in babylon”. 

which brings me to another point. That is, having the ability to trust someone, but knowing who to trust.

These are just notes to myself. I think I’ve been confined to myself enough. I think I have enough confidence to know that I don’t know everything. I can’t know everything, and I can expect people to help me out when I have some questions.

Anyway, I need to vent. This will still be my primary venting portal. I’ve begun a programming job. It feels good to work things out and get things working. I want to play around PHP for a bit, and in parallel work with Java, but I can tell, there is a big difference between the two. I wanna see revisit C and C++, but right now… Java is where it’s at. 

I’m going to be working in an IT place, so that is going to give me really a top down understanding of the computer industry. I think this will be to my benefit. And I will be more mobile. I like that in terms of my career ease if my startup doesn’t pan out. 


So my start up. I need to really focus on it. I need to make it come true. Victor really has the right thing going. I want to have that, but for that I need to write things down. Communicate more. and be pushy. 


Three things. 

Anyway going to bed

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