I need to keep up with trends.

I’ve become somewhat detached from the IT and programming world. I’ve held on to pretty sound but outdated ideas to approaching the learning process of new technologies. It’s the mathematical approach, that is, dissecting every piece of information to its smallest elements and then from there, synthesizing a conceptual understanding of the whole. In a sense, a depth first approach. To use only this approach can lead to a full understanding of certain technologies, if done correctly and consistently. How ever I think the best approach to learning something is a combination of depth and breadth, and tons of practice.

Since I never seem to get far in this depth first approach for reasons of biology behind the human attention span, I have stayed at a stand still for quite some time. I don’t understand what I should understand fully, and I haven’t kept up to date. With this post, I promise myself, I will try my best, to change my learning strategies because the one I’ve been using is simply unacceptable. 

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