Taking myself seriously.

I need to learn to be assertive. I’m working on it, but as I was thinking about the changes I have to make in my personality, I couldn’t help but wonder why was I not assertive in the first place? God I’m such a bullshitter I’m writing about this as if I had some deep thoughts about assertiveness and where it originates from but really I just asked myself this question about 2 minutes ago and now I’m blogging about it. LOL. Anyway, I think most people aren’t assertive because they don’t take themselves seriously. Why does one lead to the other? Well, if most people are like and I’m pretty sure you are, you feel like there is a lack of importance in what you need to assertive for. What that means is that somewhere in your mind there is doubt whether what you’re doing is worthwhile, or in other words what you’re doing is not serious, and at that point you’ve discredited any attempt to get assert your view on a position or on some action. Anyway, there’s a little more stewing in my brain over this issue, but I have work to do. The reason I decided to write about this is because I realize that in order to do anything assertive, in order to feel like any risk you take is worth taking, you have to take yourself seriously. I bet there is a passage in the Talmud or Torah about this. Haha.

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