I’m having trouble focusing.

I need to finish a big portion of my project before I start school. Mainly because I don’t have enough time during the school year to really get big projects going. I need to really put my thinking cap on. Think about myself and my dreams. Forget distractions for the next couple of weeks and just get my ass on this. Even if this doesn’t really work out. I really think I can make a difference doing similar things for people else where. I don’t know. I need to get some experience and I think this is definitely a good one.

Anyway, once I’m sorta done with this I’m going to start my magazine. Hopefully, I can change some lives with both of my products. I’m going to give recommendations for living well and how Jews should be involved. I’m going to give my products attention with my Blog. I’m also going to look for toward the future. Anyway, I’m jumping the gun. I’m thinking of myself 20 years ahead. Gosh, I have to focus on the now. So right now I have to work.  Gar.

With that said. I’m going to work!

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