General Update #1

I think I want to start having general updates because I’ve heard the process of writing things down helps a person remember things better. There are certain things that aren’t worth remembering but others that are, and more importantly, it lets me analyze and extract potentially valuable lessons I might have otherwise overlooked or forgotten. But, to continue…

I had a nice talk with my good friend Lucas last night. I really had him open up to me and I feel as though the statistic regarding people who don’t succeed in college and it’s correlation to divorced parents is true. I mean, I already believed I might have turned out better if I was a product of a married couple, but he definitely would have turned out better. He explained how his father was the one that kept him in check and that if his father hadn’t left he would’ve continued studying and wouldn’t have been so close to failing out of school. Another snippet of information that he relayed to me was that all of his friends’ parents were together. That made me think about my friends and how some of their parents are not together and made question whether their success would have been better had their parents been together.

That was just interesting inquiry. What really interested me was his analysis of my insecurities stemming from my perception of my own use of language. I tend to think that I’m not clear when I talk. Lucas says I don’t have a problem with clarity but with concision. I tend* to give long winded and unnecessarily detailed explanations. Therefore, he thinks I confuse verbosity with clarity. This gives me insight on my own weaknesses and insecurities. So I think I can take control of this help myself be the person I want to be.
– Think less of what people want.
– Be more instinctive when I talk.
– Don’t let it be known that I’m thinking about what to say.

I need to set up a way of making money when I get back. I need to save money. I need to learn how to invest.

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