Being Active.

I feel like recently I’ve noticed what holds most people back from accomplishing things is inactivity. I mean I think everyone knows that, but I don’t think people really process it. Sefardim are not active about their collective future, and so we fall to the whims of those who are, namely, Ashkenazim. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, it could be evolution, but I don’t think it is. I think it’s the sefardic community’s complacency when it comes to the future that’s making us slip. It’s inactivity.

People seem to forget that you need to make an active effort to be active. It’s true. You can’t assume someone else is doing it or you can’t assume there is no hope. Those ideas hold you back. In fact, you should do the exact, you should be quick to act(with moderation), even if you’re not totally prepared for it, enough for you to be embarrassed at your first attempt as Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, said on his March 22, 2011 post on Entrepreneurship( Once you’ve made the first move you can keep working harder towards making whatever you’re working on better and in tune with what the people want. I think these are wise WISE words. I think we should have an aggressive approach like this one to community building and creating programs for inter-community communication and the spread of wealth and growth in our community.

This makes me want to act quickly with my ideas, as well I should. We all should.

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