I’ve been writing on the side.

Just because I’m so paranoid about data miners and companies looking for new ideas. I want my ideas to come to fruition through my hands first. I think I like information. Maybe I should read up on it. I still want to start building my wealth. Real Estate to start. I’ll need more and more capital as my operations grow.

Gar! I keep thinking about this and putting things to the side. I really need to write this down. Action speak louder than words. From how my brain works I’m acting like shows and movies are the most important thing for me. Next my girlfriend. Then my business plan, then school.

That’s almost completely wrong. First should be school. I’m already late and I really need to do better. NEXT but very close should be my business plan. I have to start acquiring the means by which I’m going to support myself and my family from now till the future. Those should be TOP. Then honestly maybe my girlfriend but slightly more should be the friends I’m going to need in the future. I’ll group those two together so as not to be mean. Then I should work on acquiring varied knowledge of industries, sciences and the arts that don’t have to do with my plans for the future, notice that this is already far down the list. Then movies/shows/miscellaneous activities.

Now Action is worries worst enemy. I should really take that advice.

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