With every new understanding.

With every discovery that leads to deeper understanding a certain type of exploration is desired. You want to explore the implications of what is explored. I’m going through that now. How do you skip all the bad exploration? You use belief. You believe that following a certain road will lead to unfavorable outcomes. Do you do more by believing the prospects of certain actions or believing the maladies that come from others?

These are the questions I find myself asking. Just interesting inquiries! Need to work to get my A’s! Jill just made me understand why and how I let myself waste so much time. I justify skipping work or other responsibilities by giving RANDOM learning the pedestal it doesn’t deserve. Because I learn something new I feel like I’m justified in missing something. The truth is… I’m not. I need to solidify this belief in order to get further ahead with my goals.

To a good week! 🙂

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